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The Intentionality Shift


Hop on the bandwagon to limit the source of waste! The elephant in the room is that there needs to be a shift in the thinking on consumption. We are consumer nation and have been for a while and so we now are in a bit of a catch-22. The economic health of the nation depends, in part, on consumption but the planet is in need of a reduction in the consumption of its raw materials!

If we each take it one day at a time and make it a priority to reduce our footprint, this will simplify our lives and help our community-but it takes intentionality and a bit of work. Here is what that could look like and the first steps to take:

1) No more plastic bags. Bring recycled bags wherever you go. Keep them in your car. Permanent shopping bags can be used for everything-not just the grocery store. Take them when you shop at the mall too, for example. Tell your local grocery store that you would like them to be out of circulation. Try if for a week! Say no to every sales clerk that offers to bag an item for you and either offer your permanent bag or take the item without a bag-just the receipt.

2) No plastic straws.

3) Use up what you have before you buy more.

4) Be intentional with what you bring into the house. Less truly is more.

5) Wrap gifts in recyclable paper. Newspaper and twine and a flower can be so charming.

6) When buying clothes, ask the clerk to take the items off the hangers. They can use them again and you don’t have to throw away or recycle hangers.

7) Say no to happy meal/kid meal toys- they are optional.

8) Say no to take-out food sauce packets.

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