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Organizing Your CarLaurie Martin from Simplicity Organizers shares tips to keep your car clean and organized on the Charlotte Today Show (April 2023)
Creating a Family HandbookIt is important to enjoy your home and your time with your children; however,
life is messy, and can be chaotic especially in an emergency. Embrace your life and home for the stage you are currently in and to keep things moving smoothly create a Family handbook. Laurie Martin from Simplicity organizers has more. (January 2023)
Organizing Where the Action Takes PlaceOrganizing where the action takes place is critical to keeping a home orderly. Life can be messy and disorderly especially with its hustle and fast pace. Laurie Martin, from Simplicity organizers is here to help us organize where the action takes place. (January 2023)
Getting Your Kids Motivated to Clean Up-The Charlotte Today ShowWhat happens when we finally get our house organized… but then our kids get it messy again? Laurie Martin with Simplicity Organizers is here to help us get our kids motivated to help keep our homes tidy. We all would like our kids to help lighten the load when it comes to housework and chores. Communicating household expectations to your children is vital to garner their participation. We want to encourage our children to play and be creative, but it is also important to set . Click to see the segment (August 2022)
Organizing Your Garage on the Charlotte Today ShowGarage Living states that a quarter of Americans say that they can’t park in their garage because of their clutter. Of all Americans who own a two car garage, 25% cannot park in them at all and 33% can only fit one car. Wow! Well spring is around the corner and with the warmer weather on the way, now is a great time to get your garage organized! WatchLaurie Martin, the owner of Simplicity Organizers offer some tips and strategies using the SIMPLE Methodology to help you get your garage organized. (April 2022)
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Organizing for the New Year-Charlotte Today ShowWe all long for a more simple life yet we constantly feel overwhelmed, over-scheduled and  stressed.
If getting your home and life organized is at the top of your priority list this year, it is important to answer the 5 W’s before jumping in to the piles. Watch Laurie Martin take you through 5 simple steps to getting organized in the new year. (January 2022)
Have the Urge to Purge But Don’t Know Where to Start?Laurie Martin and Simplicity are highlighted on Scoop Charlotte
Simplicity Boxes of LoveLaurie Martin discusses Boxes of Love packed for community on Charlotte Today. (May 2020)
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Charlotte Community Talk: Laurie MartinWhether you are downsizing, getting your house ready for sale or just trying to make more space, Laurie Martin has the tips and tricks for you! Check out the podcast. (July 2020)
Tips to Get Your House OrganizedLaurie Martin discusses tips to get your house organized on Charlotte Today. (April 2020)
Junk Drawer Reorganization-Charlotte TodaySee Laurie Martin teach you how to reorganize your junk drawer. (February 2020)
Recycle RightLearn about how to recycle right in Mecklenburg County by watching Laurie Martin on Charlotte Today. (December 2019)
Traveling with Kids – Charlotte TodaySee Laurie Martin on Charlotte Today discuss seven ways to make things easier for your host if you are staying with someone this holiday season. (November 2019)
Recycling Do’s & Don’tsWatch Laurie Martin give you the dos and don’ts of recycling on Charlotte Today. (November 2019)
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Foster VillageSimplicity’s own Robin Leonard talks with Wilson’s World about Foster Village and its impact on the community. (October 2019)
Trash Day PrepLaurie Martin goes over ways to prepare your home for trash day. (October 2019)
Organizing Tips – Charlotte TodaySimplicity’s Laurie Martin teaches you ways to motivate yourself to get organized on Charlotte Today. (September 2019)
Organizing Homework StationsLaurie Martin shows you ways to create an organized homework station on Charlotte Today. (August 2019)
Summer Organizing TipsLaurie Martin shares tips for staying organized over the summer on Charlotte Today. (July 2019)
Maintaining Home OrganizationLaurie Martin gives tips for maintaining your home organization on Charlotte Today.(February 2019)
2018 Recycling Program of the YearSimplicity Organizers named “Recycling Program of the Year” at the Wipe Out Waste Ambassador Awards Ceremony.
(November 2018)
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Simplifying Paper ClutterLaurie Martin discusses ways to simplify paper clutter in your home on Charlotte Today.
(August 2018)
Decluttering with KidsLaurie Martin discusses tips for teaching children how to declutter in the latest issue of Simplify Magazine. (June 2018)
Creating Intentional Quality TimeLaurie Martin discusses the tips for creating intentional quality time with Wendy Petricoff of Charlotte Parenting Solutions. (May 2018)
Creating A Decluttering PlanSimplicity’s Laurie Martin featured in Easy Tips for Creating A Decluttering Plan on Budget Dumpster’s Blog, The Fill. (January 2018)
Closet MakeoverSimplicity Organizers featured in the Queen City Style’s blog for a closet makeover.
(September 2017)
2017 Best Home Organizer in CharlotteWinner of Expertise 2017 Award for Best Home Organizers in Charlotte.
40 under 40 Award WinnerSimplicity’s Laurie Martin was a recipient of the 40 under 40 award from the Charlotte Business Journal. (March 2017)
Expert Advice on Getting OrganizedSimplicity interviewed by Style Blueprint. Life Simplified: Expert Advice on Getting Organized. (January 2017)
Happy Parents & Thriving Kids Parenting SummitSimplicity’s Laurie Martin on Charlotte Today discussing Happy Parents & Thriving Kids Parenting Summit. (September 2016)
Routines for a Stress-Free School Year.Simplicity featured in the Charlotte Observer’s Moms Section, Routines for a Stress-Free School Year.
Less is More MovementSimplicity’s Laurie Martin and Spunky Avocado’s Niki Hitch on Charlotte Today sharing about the Less is More Movement
(April 2016)
How to Conquer Spring CleaningSimplicity’s Laurie Martin & Goodwill’s Melinda Wilshire on Charlotte Today teaching tips about how to conquer spring cleaning this year. (April 2016)
10 Spring Cleaning and Organizing TipsSimplicity & Goodwill’s Simply Good Life Hacks: Simplicity offers 10 spring cleaning and organizing tips through video demos and photos (April 2016)
Hoarders TV ShowSimplicity appears on Hoarders TV show, season 8, episode 15. (March 2016)
Home Organization ArticleSimplicity owner, Laurie Martin featured in The Charlotte Observer’s Home Design’s Ready, Set, Refresh article on home organization.
(January 2016, pages 16-17)
Joshua Becker EventSimplicity sponsors Life-Giving Benefits of Owning Less event presented by best-selling author and founder of Becoming Minimalist, Joshua Becker. (April 2015)
Creating the Ideal Home OfficeSimplicity’s Blair Oliver shares with Guest of a Guest tips to create the ideal home office.
(March 2015)
Clearing the Closet ChaosSimplicity’s Blair Oliver tells Guest of a Guest how to clear the closet chaos.
(February 2015)
Decluttering and Reorganizing TipsSimplicity’s Laurie Martin offers tips on Decluttering and Reorganizing in The Charlotte Observer’s Home Design section.
(January 2015, Pg. 12-13)
DIY Your Way to Get OrganizedSimplicity featured in The Charlotte Observer: DIY your way to get organized.
(September 2014)
Summer Reading at SedgefieldSimplicity featured in Charlotte Observer: Programs Turns Page on Summer Reading at Sedgefield. (June 2014)
Give Five, Read Five Book DriveSimplicity on WBTV discussing Give Five Read Five book drive for Title 1 schools in North Carolina. (March 2014)
13 Secrets Professional Organizers Would Never Tell You for FreeSimplicity contributes to Reader’s Digest, 13 Secrets Professional Organizers Would Never Tell You for Free. (March 2014)
Bob Awards 2013 Best of the Best Professional Organizers2013 Best of the Best Professional Organizers
Charlotte Magazine – Bob Awards
(May 2013)
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