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Interest in
Being an Organizer

January 18, 2023

This virtual workshop includes specific details about the organizing profession, drawbacks and benefits, information about Simplicity, and additional time to ask questions.

Creating a Personalized
Family Handbook

March 1, 2023
Sharon Baptist Church

Did you ever think about how your family would function if something happened to you? Lori Martin, the retired owner of The Purple Martin, has lived through this and will be teaching us how to create a customized family handbook where all of your critical information can be found. 

Organizing Your Closets

New Date Coming Soon!

Don’t know where to store something? Throw it in the closet! Before you know it they are filled to the brim and we don’t know where to begin with organizing the things that have accumulated. This workshop will go through all kinds of closets. From linen closets to bedroom closets, we will teach you how to sort, pare down, and organize your items. We will even give you an education on how to fold the dreaded fitted sheet!

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