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Simplicity Serves

Simplicity Serves

There are lots of families in Charlotte facing difficult circumstances and overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Simplicity offers complimentary organizational services to those who are unable to afford our professional services.

Ready to Serve

Volunteers are needed to offer their time and organizational skills to those in need.

Contact us to find out more about our Simplicity Serves training program and field work.


Searching for organizational support?
Simplicity knows there are families facing difficult circumstances and are overwhelmed by life’s challenges. We offer complimentary organizational services to those in need.

Contact us to fill out an application.
(Unfortunately, not all applicants will be accepted.)

Financial Support

Financial gifts are needed to support, maintain, and organize homes and lives in Charlotte. Your donation will help cover the cost of professional help and organizing supplies.

These gifts are not tax-deductible but will make a powerful impact.

Simplicity Serves in the Community
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