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Uncovering Your Light

Finding Peace by Decluttering During a Divorce by Laurie Martin We are all born with an inner light. Sometimes that light shines bright. Sometimes our flames waiver and sometimes our lights are extinguished. We are especially vulnerable to darkness during divorce. But when the flame blows out, we feel overwhelmed, or we hit rock bottom,

Back to School Organizing Tips-Preparing for a Fresh Start

Believe it or not, the new school year is just a few weeks away! It is time to start preparing for the transition from laid back summer days to new routines and schedules. Be sure and include your children throughout the process to ensure these tips and guidelines will be met with success. Make a

Traveling Light

By Kathy Izard In my life, I have become somewhat of a pack rat. From the sentimental (letter, photo, memento) to the practical (receipt, paperwork, record) whatever I wasn’t sure I needed again, I kept. There was not a system, just an odd drawer or file or box that held all the “someday I might

How to Start Organizing Your Home: 12 Expert Tips

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year. Whether you live in Philadelphia, PA, or Portland, OR, you’ve suddenly found yourself spending almost all your time at home. Now you’re noticing just how messy your home has become. Because let’s face it, it’s easy to accumulate stuff over the years. But amidst the endless piles of laundry,

Back to School: The Importance of Structure & Routines

Customizing Your Child’s Daily Routine Though there is a sense of freedom in the flexibility of summer, there is something innate about structure and routine once the school year brings. Children thrive on predictability, repetition, and consistency. “Knowing what to expect from relationships and activities helps children become more confident,” says Dr. Peter Gorski, assistant professor

7 Ways to Minimize Impact When Traveling with Your Kids

We all know that having guests stay with us for a few days can be stressful, so it is important to consider the impact your family brings when visiting someone else’s home. Laurie Martin, the owner and team leader of Simplicity Organizers, wanted to share 7 ways to minimize the impact when traveling with your

Age Appropriate Responsibilities for Children

It is important to assign your children responsibilities as team members of your family.  Provide your children and teens with age-appropriate tasks, making sure you spend time teaching your children how to master a specific task.  Try and not overwhelm them with too many tasks at once. Consider each child’s ability and temperament. Expect your

Creating Structure & Routines

As much as we seem to boycott the idea structure in our lives, we actually need it, especially children.  And studies prove that. We cannot control a lot that is going on in our world, but we can create routines which helps lower anxiety and the stress of so many unknowns. Everyone is different and


by Laurie Martin “We need much less than we think we need.” -Maya Angelou What is Clutter? Anything that is unused or unloved Anything that is untidy or disorganized Anything that overwhelms the space available Anything that can’t be fixed Anything that is unfinished  How does clutter impact you? Clutter impacts you in almost every

Celebrating the Holiday Season with Less Five Simple Tips

It can be difficult to find your holiday spirit when daily schedules, household responsibilities, and your personal commitments are on overload. However, changing your perception to focus less on the stress in your life can help boost your holiday mood and encourage a happier household. 1. Fewer commitments = MORE TIME If you’re like most people, you

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