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Are you wasting time searching for items in your home or office? Are you feeling anxious or frustrated about being unorganized?

Simply email us today or call 704-464-3713 to get started.

We will schedule a walk-through of your home to better assess your needs and develop a customized organizational plan.

We will equip you with strategies to maintain your organizational systems and provide ongoing support services as needed.

Menu of Services

Below are a few of the ways we can serve your organizational needs. 

Needs Assessment

An on-site tour of your home or office to create a customized action plan for your project. We will explore the underlying causes of disorganization, provide guidance on where to start, and create a project outline including time estimate & schedule to keep it manageable.

Organizing Your Home

Clear the clutter, chaos and stress from your house and reclaim the peacefulness of a well-ordered home. We will define the functions of each room, streamline possessions, create family guidelines for success, maximize storage and improve access and retrieval of possessions. Live simply in all areas of your home.

Organizing Your Move

Walk in the front door of your new home and all of your belongings are unpacked, arranged, organized and ready for your arrival. Let us help you prepare for the move by de-cluttering, organizing & streamlining the packing process. Once you’ve moved, we will unpack boxes and create functional, organized spaces in your new home.

Organizing Your Office

Reduce work stress, improve productivity, streamline the flow of information, and reclaim your office space. We will sort through piles, custom-design a user-friendly management system to help organize your paper, filing, email, voicemail, and more.

Organizing for Kids & Teens

Simplicity Kids & Teens are organizational programs designed to empower children and teenagers. By working one-on-one with a Simplicity Coach to create orderly living environments, children & teens will acquire the tools needed to gain essential time and paper management skills, to create authentic and enduring systems that reduce anxiety & increase confidence and generate success that will last a lifetime.

Organizing Your Estate

In times of sadness and grief, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Our goal is to provide you with a vision by listening, encouraging and supporting your individual needs. We help you identify what to keep, what to pass on to family & friends, what to consign and donate, and what can be discarded. We understand that this process can take a long time, but we are with you every step of the way.

Simplicity Workshop

We offer a number of workshops throughout the year that cover a number of different topics. From learning what it takes to become an organizer to getting an education in how to organize different spaces in your home, we have something for everyone.
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Simplicity Serves

There are lots of families in Charlotte facing difficult circumstances and overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Simplicity offers complimentary organizational services to those who are unable to afford our professional services.
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Simplicity Speaks

Simplicity will work with your group or organization to provide a customized program, focusing on specific challenges and goals. We offer tools, tips and techniques that you can implement on your own which will powerfully change the way you view your time and space.
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