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Organizing Your Command Center


The Command Center is the hub of all activity.  This is where schedules are planned, bills are paid, schoolwork is reviewed, coupons are clipped, and magazines are stacked.  With so many tasks taking place in one small area, piles can grow quickly. It is vital that your command center work efficiently in order for you to be productive. An effective Command Center supports all the tasks performed in that space.

  • Create Activity Zones: Think of your Command Center in terms of activity zones. Keep all of the supplies and resources you need for completing a task within the appropriate zone. Create a specific place for each type of information.
  • Discard the Junk:  80% of what lands on our desks is trash.  Prevent papers from piling up at your desk by stopping solicitations before the mail arrives.  Remove your name from catalog mailing lists and make sure you have a trash bin, recycle can, and shredder nearby.
  • Decorate to Motivate: Create a Command Center that is both visually pleasing and functional.  Purchase desk supply organizers that will help keep your systems maintained. Label and hide loose cords. Toss expired coupons and outdated invitations, calendars, and announcements.  
  • Designate the Landing Spot:  All papers must land somewhere.  Use an inbox or letter tray to store all current papers.  Avoid the habit of flipping through you inbox. Nip procrastination in the bud and act on a piece of paper once you have touched it.  Carve out adequate time each day to address your inbox. Emptying your inbox each day is a great goal. But if you have thousands of messages in your inbox, know that an empty inbox won’t happen without commitment.  Create email folders so important information and action items can be easily found.
  • Close Out: Before you shut down for the day, review your to-do list and priorities for the upcoming day.  Take time to clear your desktop to set yourself up for a successful and productive tomorrow.

To improve productivity and save time, develop systems and strategies that effectively address the barriers and distractions that show up along the way.  A well designed Command Center will not only save you time, but also allow you to get more done with less stress!

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