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Celebrating the Holiday Season with Less Five Simple Tips


It can be difficult to find your holiday spirit when daily schedules, household responsibilities, and your personal commitments are on overload. However, changing your perception to focus less on the stress in your life can help boost your holiday mood and encourage a happier household.

1. Fewer commitments = MORE TIME 
If you’re like most people, you feel the need to respond yes to every holiday party invitation and social gathering that comes your way. But often, too much can be literally “too much” and cause you to feel overwhelmed. Be sure to pace yourself. Set boundaries, schedule needed downtime, and make sure you are spending quality time with your own family.

2. Less clutter = MORE FAVORITES
If you are overwhelmed by the amount of time you spend unpacking, setting up, taking down, and repacking your holiday decorations, consider cutting back in this area. Take a critical look at those decorations—including those that never seem to make it out of the holiday box—and think about donating them. Focus on celebrating with those items that bring you the most joy. Cleanup will be much easier, too! 

3. Fewer physical gifts = MORE EXPERIENCES/MEMORIES
We all enjoy showing gratitude towards those we love, but consider offering experiences over physical gifts. Experiences do not take up space in your home and ultimately build stronger memories. These could include a membership, tickets to a show, a spa day, meal delivery, or even a class. When it comes to physical gifts, consider the people in your life who are in need or those who are not always recognized like sanitation workers, your mail carrier, or even the cashiers at stores you frequent.  

4. Less Wrapping=MORE SPACE
When the holidays come around, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself drowning in rolls of colorful gift wrap, decorative boxes, and   a variety of ribbons and bows. There’s also a good chance you’ll be stressing over where you’re going to store it all. Consider minimizing your wrapping options. Think about purchasing one roll of brown butcher paper to wrap all of your gifts, and tie up the packages with one or two different colored ribbons. Easy, yet still festive, plus, you can use this gift wrap all year long for birthdays and other occasions. And butcher paper is recyclable!

5. Less stress = MORE GRATITUDE
Life isn’t always easy, but I believe it is important to pause and give thanks for each day.  Find beauty in your surroundings, even when life is messy and uncertain. Ashley with has a free gratitude calendar that allows you to write down the best moment of each day.

Ultimately with less, there is more time (and space) to appreciate the meaning of the season.

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