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How Simplicity Serves Helped My Family

by Josie Sanctis In April 2021, only a few short weeks after giving birth to our 4th child, I was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called osteosarcoma. There are only 400 new cases of osteosarcoma in U.S. adults each year. Nothing could be done or said to adequately prepare for what would become the

Top 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Get Organized

Organizing does not need to feel like a chore.  There is a lot of creative thinking involved in finding a system that works and discovering the impact of organization will keep you motivated! Organizing is not just about making a space look pretty, the focus should be creating a functional system that works for you.

The Importance of a Retreat

by Kathy Izard Searching for some rest?  Needing to be refueled? Consider going on a retreat. The first time I ever went on a retreat, I was worried it was a little selfish. At the time, I had four children under ten and my days alternated between exhilaration and exhaustion. It was the life I had always

Traveling Light

By Kathy Izard In my life, I have become somewhat of a pack rat. From the sentimental (letter, photo, memento) to the practical (receipt, paperwork, record) whatever I wasn’t sure I needed again, I kept. There was not a system, just an odd drawer or file or box that held all the “someday I might

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