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Top 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Get Organized

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Organizing does not need to feel like a chore.  There is a lot of creative thinking involved in finding a system that works and discovering the impact of organization will keep you motivated!

Organizing is not just about making a space look pretty, the focus should be creating a functional system that works for you. Organizing can have a positive impact on you mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. 

10) Create a simple organizing plan.  Make a list of all the areas in your home that you would like to organize.  If you listed 12 areas, you might consider tackling one area each month.  Just the act of writing something down actually increases the chance you will do it.

9) Mark your calendar.  Just like scheduling dinner out with friends, going to yoga or visiting your doctor, setting dates on the calendar to organize is an important part of the process.

Make sure you are being realistic about how long an organizing project will actually take.

8) Start small. Success breeds success.  A drawer. Your purse. Your freezer.

7) Take before and after pictures.  It is fun to see the transformation of a space-and that transformation can be a huge motivator to start another project!

6) Schedule donation pick up. When someone is coming to pick up your donations-it holds you accountable to purging that space!  And knowing that your donations are going to a worthy cause makes it easier to depart with them.  

You may actually find more joy in letting go of the items than you did acquiring them.

5) Get your family involved. No need to feel alone in the process.  The more invested everyone is, the more likely they are to maintain the systems.

4) Play music.  

3) Set a timer.  This helps to limit distractions.

2) Label! There are lots of labeling options on the market.  Children love using label makers.

1) Call a friend or professional to help.  When you feel stuck or overwhelmed, having an outsider’s perspective can be very helpful.

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