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7 Ways to Minimize Impact When Traveling with Your Kids


We all know that having guests stay with us for a few days can be stressful, so it is important to consider the impact your family brings when visiting someone else’s home.

Laurie Martin, the owner and team leader of Simplicity Organizers, wanted to share 7 ways to minimize the impact when traveling with your children. We are going to flip the script by sharing ways we can possibly help the host of the home!

1)    Bring a shoe basket/box– Having a designated location for shoes not only reduces dirt and leaves but it also prevents shoes from being lost in the house.

2)    Pack reusable water bottles/yeti-Bringing your own water bottle/yeti will help lessen the amount of dishes. Don’t forget to label them!

3)    Use your own sheets and towels-Check with your house guest to see if this would be helpful-but bringing your own sheets and towels can eliminate extra loads of laundry.

4)   Pack a folding step stool-Packing this can be super helpful for small children, allowing them to wash their own hands.

5)    Bring a laundry bag/s-This prevents questioning what is clean and what is dirty when you arrive back home.

6)    Bring a dark sheet/sound machine/night light– All of these are great tools for encouraging  your children to sleep later.

7)    Pack simple activities/toys/games/ books-An activity box will definitely help cut down on screen time.  Consider designing an activity box for each child.  Build the excitement by providing 1-2 new activities or games a day.

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