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7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Trash Day

Laurie Martin goes over ways to prepare your home for trash day. (October 2019)

T’was the night before trash day

And all through the house

The family worked together

To throw it all out..

1. Get your family involved. 

Brainstorm and create a list with your family of what they think should  be done the night before trash day.  Weekly maintenance will significantly decrease the amount of clutter and stress in your home.

2. Set a 20 minute timer.  

You will be amazed by all that you can accomplish in twenty minutes, especially with the help of your entire family.  Playing music might help with motivation.

3. Gather all trash bins.

Ask your family members to each dump a trash can into the kitchen trash bag.  Make sure you have trash cans in all bedrooms and bathrooms.  It is easy for trash to pile up on cabinets and floors when a trash can is not easily within reach.  Consider putting a small trash can in your closet, too.

Be very mindful of trash vs. recycle.  Recycling the Right way is more important than ever!  Recycling the wrong way costs the city more than 1.6 million dollars each year. Please do not put ANY trash bags, plastic bags, styrofoam, plastic cutlery, or wire hangers in your recycle bin.

4. Clean out your fridge.

Eat any left overs and toss anything that is going bad.

5. Purge your wallet/purse/ backpack.  

Receipts and papers can pile up quickly. Going through them each week will help with home maintenance.  Remind your children and teens to dump out their backpacks on the same day each week so it becomes a habit.

6. Clear the floor and/or counter tops.  

Having a clear floor and counter tops not only makes it easier to clean, but it is a great way to start the next day.  Assign everyone a room to tidy each week.  Divide and conquer!   

7.  Find 5 items to donate . 

With the change of the weather, now is a great time to purge your closets.   Go ahead and load all the donations in your car so the next time you pass by a non-profit, you can drop them off.

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