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with Danielle Maddox

Feeling overwhelming by your make-up drawer?  Over buying yet still not satisfied with what you have?

Well there is no better time than now to re-organize and declutter that makeup drawer, basket, case, kit, or caboodle!

New and innovative products are launched throughout the year, so here lies the opportunity to bring fresh perspective to hone those makeup skills and take a look at what is working and what is not in your daily beauty routine.  

With my services we will  simplify your makeup into two categories:

  1. Your everyday look
  2. Your special occasion looks (ie. Date night, parties and celebrations).  

The key is to remember that less is more.  This will help you decide what should stay and what potentially need to go.  It is good to focus on the keys pieces that make the biggest difference.

Next we will separate your makeup into sub-categories, (1) Eyes, (2) Lips, (3) Face, and (4) Tools.  

Each of these categories will help create opportunity to organize your makeup so it is easy to see and grab for quick and seamless beauty routines.  Products that can be easily seen are usually the products that get used the most.   

Once your makeup is separated we will discuss options for organizing the remaining pieces. Acrylic organizers and drawer inserts are ideal to keep clutter off of countertops and vanities, while allowing products to be visible and accessible in drawers. Pencil holders and cups are cute and creative ways to store pencils, liners, and tools such as brushes.  

Whether you have 5 makeup products or a whole basket full of beauty items, all of your makeup deserves its own home to be easily seen and used regularly.  Keep in mind that makeup does have a shelf life and can expire.  

  • Mascara – expires 3 months from the day it was opened
  • Cream or water based products-, check the bottle/packaging to determine how long your product is okay to use once its been opened
  • Powder products don’t have an expiration date

Always remember your beauty routine is a great way to start your day! Take time to look at yourself and “champion you on”! If you are in need of make-up services in your home-please do not hesitate to contact me anytime!

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