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Simplicity Organizers Interviews Wendy Petricoff of Charlotte Parenting Solutions.

What is Charlotte Parenting Solutions?

Charlotte Parenting Solutions is a business created to help support parents through the journey of parenthood. My passion is making parents’ lives easier by teaching them how to use the best tools available for their family. I help parents get on the same page, figure out how and when to set limits and which consequences will work best. This is the work we do together, putting together plans that you can easily implement. My goal is to help parents to feel CALM, CONFIDENT and CREDIBLE when they are raising their children!

How long have you been a parenting coach?

I have been working with parents for 11 years! It is an incredibly rewarding job.

What types of services do you offer?

I work with parents in private sessions, in my online course Happy Parents & Thriving Kids, or if you’re local…I teach in-person workshops! I provide parents the tools and skills they need to tackle their parenting challenges. In my online workshop and private sessions we work closely together to create customized parenting plans for your family. (Yes, that means we put together consequences and I even give you scripts to use!)

How does organization play a role in having healthy and happy family members and family dynamics?

If parents aren’t organized, family stress is often magnified. Things that appear simple, like getting out the door on time end up becoming a HUGE source of frustration. When parents become emotionally escalated we often “lose it” (yelling, using sarcasm, etc.) which results in us eventually feeling guilty about our own actions. This is a cycle that becomes a repetitive pattern. In order to break this pattern parents need to learn both organizational skills as well as parenting tools. These skills are a gift to the entire family!

How are Charlotte Parenting Solutions and Simplicity Organizers connected in enhancing families’ lives?

Together we work hand in hand to help families live more peaceful, purposeful lives. Simplicity can provide a family with organizational tools and I step in to help with the implementation and follow through. As parents we are the leaders of our families. It’s our job to set limits and I teach parents how to follow through in a loving way that builds strong parent/child relationships. I believe that both Simplicity and Charlotte Parenting Solutions work in tandem to get you the skills and the CONFIDENCE you need to become a great role model for your children.

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