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Conquering Make-Up Organization

with Danielle Maddox Feeling overwhelming by your make-up drawer?  Over buying yet still not satisfied with what you have? Well there is no better time than now to re-organize and declutter that makeup drawer, basket, case, kit, or caboodle! New and innovative products are launched throughout the year, so here lies the opportunity to bring

Top Giving Experiences

At Simplicity, we value experiences over materials. There is great joy in the act of giving, but gift giving does not need to create more clutter and stress in our homes and lives.   Studies have proven that experiences provide greater happiness and more memories. Life is short and it is the memories with your

Unearthing Treasures from Trash

I love to thrift. There’s something uniquely entertaining about sifting through piles and shelves of assorted brick a brack, and something undeniably satisfying about diving into it without a guarantee of success and emerging with something great. It’s like when an old friend texts you out of the blue to say “hello”, or when a

Cleaning out your Inner Junk Drawer

We are all familiar with the physical clutter that seems to grow before our eyes, but how tuned in are you to your mental clutter? You know, that chatter that goes on in your head, the things you believe to be true about yourself and others, the unique lens through which we see and experience

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