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Top 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Get Organized

Organizing does not need to feel like a chore.  There is a lot of creative thinking involved in finding a system that works and discovering the impact of organization will keep you motivated! Organizing is not just about making a space look pretty, the focus should be creating a functional system that works for you.

The Importance of a Retreat

by Kathy Izard Searching for some rest?  Needing to be refueled? Consider going on a retreat. The first time I ever went on a retreat, I was worried it was a little selfish. At the time, I had four children under ten and my days alternated between exhilaration and exhaustion. It was the life I had always

Traveling Light

By Kathy Izard In my life, I have become somewhat of a pack rat. From the sentimental (letter, photo, memento) to the practical (receipt, paperwork, record) whatever I wasn’t sure I needed again, I kept. There was not a system, just an odd drawer or file or box that held all the “someday I might

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