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Simplicity will work with your group or organization to provide a customized program, focusing on specific challenges and goals. We offer tools, tips and techniques that you can implement on your own which will powerfully change the way you view your time and space.

Simplicity Speaking Engagement Topics

  • Home Organization

The impact of clutter affects each of us physically, emotionally, socially, financially and spiritually. During this workshop, participants will identify clutter in their home and life as well as the cost of clutter. There is no better time than now to get rid of clutter in order to embrace a lifestyle where less really does mean more.
Join Simplicity to discuss some of the underlying issues that create the chaos of clutter in your home and life. We will discuss the internal and external costs of a life distracted by clutter and the risk of not letting go of our “stuff” and the hectic schedules that often define us.
The life you live and the space in which you live are connected. Disorganization not only results in frustration, anxiety, and lost time, but it can also produce a chaotic and overwhelming home environment. During this workshop, participants will evaluate their current situation, create a vision, set goals, and learn the SIMPLE methodology of organizing.
Have you had a shift in your family or living situation? Do you anticipate a major life event such as retirement, an empty nest, the return of a boomeranger, or the sale of a big house? If so, this session is designed for you. The emotional and psychological challenges of major life changes will be our focus, with plenty of practical suggestions and strategies for weathering such changes. Whether it’s time to downsize, upsize or simply reconfigure the way you live in your current house, it’s all about “Rightsizing”. 
The holiday season is upon us! First come the pumpkins, followed by the turkeys, with the Menorahs and Christmas trees in hot pursuit, then the countdown for the New Year! Now is the time to start planning and organizing! Please join us as we offers tips and tricks of the trade to help keep you on track for your cheeriest holiday season yet!
The life you live and the space in which you live are intrinsically intertwined. Unfortunately our busyness and clutter often prevent us from experiencing God’s desire for us to enjoy freedom, peace, and rest. Participants will identify clutter in their own lives, evaluate their current situation, design a vision, set goals, and develop a plan of action for change. It is time to truly grasp the concept of why less is truly more. If you struggle to make time for yourself, now is the time to join us and discover how to find the time to do what you truly love, instead of being overwhelmed by both clutter and a hectic lifestyle.
  • Paper Organization

>> PAPER MANAGEMENT: So Much Paper, So Little Time
We are all inundated with paper. It is consuming our desks and our kitchen counters, and stealing both time and energy from each day. During this session, participants will identify the causes of paper pile-ups and learn how to create effective paper retrieval systems. It is important to identify what needs to be kept and what can be discarded. Eliminate the paper clutter and the stress that comes along with it and enjoy being organized in a new way this year!
  • Children & Teen Organization

>> HOW DID I LOSE MY HOMEWORK AGAIN? Getting Organized for School
This workshop will cover the organizational challenges children encounter during the school year and offer new tips and strategies for maintaining these systems.
>> WHERE IS MY OTHER SHOE? Organization and Support at Home
This workshop will cover how to work along side of your children to develop and maintain customized organizational systems at home. Creating new routines and hosting family meetings will also be covered. 
>> BACK TO SCHOOL Organizing Party
Do you want to help your student start off the school year on the right foot? Our two-hour, interactive “Back to School Organizing Party” is a great way to inspire and equip your child with the organizational strategies necessary to manage his or her growing number of academic and extra-curricular responsibilities. This hands-on workshop utilizes games and activities to engage students in the creation of their own organizational plans.


“I went to the Cornwell Center and Robin McCoy’s yoga class this morning, and everyone was abuzz about your declutter class yesterday. The director addressed the class before we began retiterating the fabulousness of your workshop. Way to go, Anne! You’re the best!”
– Nancy Thomason

Simplicity Audio Recordings:

• “Getting Organized for the School Year” – Laurie Martin

• “Simplifying” – Anne Steppe

• “Rightsizing Your Life” – Anne Steppe

Past speaking engagements:

  • Cast a Vision – Make the Connection

• Jack & Jill #BossMom – CLT Chapter

  • Home Organizing
• The Cornwell Center, Myers Park Baptist
• Carolinas Healthcare System
• Mt Vernon Presbyterian Women’s Retreat
• Garden Club
• Carmel Country Club
• Sardis Presbyterian
• Dickens Mitchener Realtors
• Myers Park Country Club Women’s Club
• Piper Glen Women’s Club
• Queen Bees of Charlotte
• National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
• The Learning Collaborative
• Covenant Presbyterian Church
• Garden Club Meeting
• Garden Club
• Junior League of Charlotte
• The Cypress
  • Finding Peace Through Simplicity

• ADP Offices – Charlotte

  • Getting Organized for the Holidays

• Carmel Baptist Church

  • Paper Management
• Law firm: Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog LLP
• Forest Hill Women’s Life Group
• Mary Circle of Covenant Presbyterian Church
• Mouzon Methodist Church
  • Moves/Relocation/
    Rightsizing your Life
• Carmel Country Club
• Charlotte Junior League
• Christ Church
• Covenant Presbyterian
• Ivy League Garden Club
• Allen Tate of Huntersville
• The Cypress of Charlotte
• Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region
  • Simplifying Your Life
• Carmel Baptist Church
• The Cornwell Center
• Queens University
  • Children/Teens
• TOADS Dilworth Mother’s Group
• Fletcher School
• Northeast Middle School Girls Mentoring Program