When Caring For Others, Keeping the Right Information Available Provides Relief

lorimartin head shotI was introduced to Lori Martin and her company, The Purple Martin & Co., after we discovered thatmy mother has Lewy Body Dementia. I knew I needed a way to guide my mother and anyfamily or friends that may be helping her!! They needed to know day to day information andmost importantly they needed to know all of my mother’s medications and medical history.

I was 2 ½ hours away with young children and I could not be there for her every day! I couldnot be at every doctor’s appointment or spend time everyday calling and communicating toeveryone! And if she were to have an emergency situation, my mother might not rememberher medical history, her prescription medications and her severe allergies!!

I met with Lori and explained my situation. She created notebooks for everything! We have a“Medical Notebook” and a “Home Notebook” that stay at my mother’s front door. Anyonecan see them and obtain important information about her medical history or learn vitalinformation for running her home. In addition, Lori suggested that I have one notebook containing it all! This way I would have quick access from a distance, if needed!

The notebooks are terrific and extremely helpful to everyone contributing to the care of mymother! I am not worrying as much and I am able to handle things from my home, efficiently.All of the friends and family that have helped mother have commented about how helpful andwonderful the Notebooks have been for them!!! We know they will avoid a lot of confusion and miscommunication. They will also save everyone a lot of time and stress in the future!!!  ~ Charlotte mom of two

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