What is the Number One Way to Reduce Paper Clutter? GO PAPERLESS!

whitekeyboardThough going paperless will involve some initial time and energy, the long-term results will provide you with a less cluttered home, peace of mind and a more efficient workspace.

Top 5 Reasons to Go Paperless:

1. Go Green!  Going paperless reduces the number of trees sacrificed each year.

2. Increased efficiency and creativity!  Less paper = more productivity. With fewer papers on your desk, you not only clear space for productivity, you clear space for creative thoughts!

3. Decreases Clutter!  Having fewer papers piled on your desk and around your office limits the risk of losing important documents.

4. Reduces operating costs!  As the paper grows, so do your storage and supply costs.  Going paperless also prevents you from spending money on office supplies like filing cabinets, files, envelopes, checks, and stamps.

5. Provides Tighter Security!  Paper documents are subject to both identity theft and destruction from natural disasters.


Ways to Go Paperless:

  • Sign up for online banking
  • Use online bill pay services
  • Cancel junk mail, magazine and newspaper subscriptions
  • Purchase a scanner
    Option: Fujitsu ScanSnap

Important to Remember When Deciding to Go Paperless:

  • Back up your computer either through an external hard drive or preferably, online!
    Option: Carbonite
  • Start right where you are. Don’t worry about going back and trying to scan a lot of old information at first. Set up files on your computer that mimic your paper files. Over time your paper files will diminish.

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