Simplicity Kids and Simplicity Teens

Catie, Simplicity OrganizersWhat parent hasn’t had a late night or frantic, early morning, rescue mission for their child’s missing homework assignment? Like that illusive missing sock in the laundry room, homework has a way of ending up anywhere —  under the bed, between the car seats, or crumpled down into the recesses of an unorganized backpack. The consequences of disorganization can affect the whole family, from wasting time to straining relationships.  Sadly, this cycle often causes children to become frustrated, unmotivated students.

If you are a parent who finds themselves in this situation Simplicity is here to help!

Prior to working with Simplicity, owner Laurie Martin taught elementary school and identified the skills that students most need to succeed on their own.  Out of this awareness, Laurie combined her passion for teaching with organizing and developed two curriculums… “ Simplicity Kids” and “Simplicity Teens”.  Both are designed to help children and teens create order in their home and learning environment.

Through a series of one-on-one sessions with a Simplicity Coach, the curriculum helps students identify their personal learning styles, strengths, and interests and apply that understanding by designing customized, organizational systems. Sessions include Organizing your Home Life, Organizing your School Life, and Time Management, a skill that each of us could use help.

Our approach makes working with children fun, engaging, and empowering so that your child will gain essential skills to last a lifetime.

Laurie is joining efforts with one of the newest members of the Simplicity team, organizer Catie Eller, to transform students’ lives using the Simplicity Kids and Simplicity Teens curriculum.  After receiving a Master of Arts in Teaching from UNC Chapel Hill, Catie went on to work with students in Atlanta and Houston.

From developing a study skills curriculum, to advising students through the college application process, Catie has just about seen it all. In addition to coaching with Simplicity Kids and Teens, Catie also runs Custom College Consulting, an independent college counselling organization designed to assist families through the college search process. Both Laurie and Catie fuse their educational backgrounds, love for working with students and passion for organizing to guarantee success in coaching your children.

Perhaps the greatest gift a parent can give themselves and their child this holiday season is time with a Simplicity Coach.  If your student’s backpack is causing stress in both their life and yours, contact a Simplicity Kids Coach today to learn more about how we can help bring peace through organization to your family.

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