Walk the Course

By Anne Steppe of Simplicity Organizers.

Walk The Course - Help change the course of domestic violence
Walk The Course – Help change the course of domestic violence 

It was a last minute decision to Walk the Course for me.  As the newest member of the Simplicity team, I was excited to join the other ladies at a meaningful event and get to know my co-workers better. However, my true motivation came earlier that day upon my finding out that a friend from high school had just found the courage to leave an abusive marriage.

Coming straight from work, I had to walk in dress clothes and ballet slipper type shoes, my last minute decision meant I was ill prepared. No Nike’s for me for 5 miles.  However, it didn’t matter to me that I looked ridiculous going barefoot past the 9th hole or that everyone else was in appropriate exercise gear.  I wasn’t walking for them, it sunk in when my feet began to feel the burn, that the soreness I was experiencing was nothing compared to the pain, fear, and humiliation that thousands of women live with day in and day out as they suffer in abusive relationships.  More than likely my friend may have stayed in her marriage, feeling trapped, but when the evil turned on her daughter – she rose up and walked out.  Scared, broke and alone with two children to raise she finally found the door.  A door I pray opened to a freedom she had forgotten existed.

Walking the course was a small way for me to speak without talking – by walking and putting a pace to a mostly silent curse on many, I and all those participating did what those that are abused can’t … we fought back.  Walking the course for women that are victims of domestic violence gave me pause to remember those that suffer, those that would gladly walk five miles in my shoes rather then one more in theirs.

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