Twelve Reasons to Live with Less

The holiday season is here, for good and for ill. We welcome the good – time with friends and family and the chance to revisit traditions. And the not so good – frenzied shopping and strained nerves and budgets, can be minimized. This holiday season, consider spending more time with family and friends and less time buying things that masquerade as gifts in December but reveal themselves to be clutter in January. Remember, less is more, no matter the season!


Twelve Reasons to Live with Less

      1. Laurie Martin – Because ultimately your belongings do not bring you lasting happiness. Be intentional about the decisions you make. Simplify your life and recognize what matters most.
      2. Robin McCoy- Because contrary to popular wisdom, you don’t own your stuff, your stuff owns you.
      3. Julie Miller- Because living with less frees you up to enjoy what you have and spending time doing what you enjoy.
      4. Betsy Blair – Because having less creates time for what matters most-people, and not things.
      5. Anne Steppe – Because when you have less, there is less to clean up.
      6. Andrea Gill – Because memories are more powerful than stuff.
      7. Catie Eller – Because we believe in loving and using anything you have. Make your home an intentional reflection of the things that matter most to you.
      8. Katie Puckett – Because living with less allows more energy for the things that are really important in life…family, friends and fun.
      9. Brett Gardner-Because living with less helps you feel more in control of your life.
      10. JoEl Knight – Because it makes you feel free to have less clutter and “stuff” in your life…. less to clean, less maintenance and less to worry about.
      11. Jaime Cojac –  Because freeing yourself of the clutter and the “weight” that the clutter causes, allows you to open your heart and your mind to create new memories and live a “lighter” life.
      12. Carly Gardner – Because when you have less, you become more appreciative of what you do have.

From all of us on the Simplicity Team Happy Holidays!

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