Top Giving Experiences


At Simplicity, we value experiences over materials. There is great joy in the act of giving, but gift giving does not need to create more clutter and stress in our homes and lives.  

Studies have proven that experiences provide greater happiness and more memories. Life is short and it is the memories with your loved ones that have the greatest impact Most people do not need more stuff, they need more uninterrupted time.  This holiday season we challenge you to turn off your technology and spend more face to face time with those you love. When you look back on your life, it is the relationships and experiences that you will remember.


  1. A trip to a bucket list location
  2. A makeup session by Danielle Maddox
  3. A personal chef to cook a special dinner (We LOVE The Freckled Fork) or gift card to favorite restaurant
  4. A class such as cooking, dancing or painting
  5. A year membership
  6. A ticket to play or concert
  7. A family or friend photo shoot
  8. A day of pampering (massage, pedicure or facial)
  9. A monthly service such as babysitting, lawn maintenance, cleaning
  10. The Gift of Time with Simplicity Organizers <3

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