It’s Time to Call in the Captain!


You’re ready to get your home and life organized, but you feel there is so much stuff weighing you down. You are having a hard time even knowing where to start.  Think hand-me-downs from college, your children’s old toys, broken furniture, torn couches, old paint cans, and huge box TVs.  Whether you are moving, downsizing, settling an estate or simply in need of some free space in your home… the Captain has you covered.

Captain Clutter cheerfully picks up items for charity and hauls off cardboard for recycling and all metals and trash. They take donated items to Habitat for Humanity, Crisis Ministries, Salvation Army and Goodwill. They work with companies to help recycle paint, metals, chemicals, cardboard, televisions, computers and large amounts of plastics. They also use a non-government owned landfill for trash disposal. For items of high value, they will sell these treasures on behalf of the client. They will even remove paints, tires and household chemicals for a small additional fee.

Captain Clutter’s charges are based how much space your items occupy in their large truck.  Hourly rates may be applied in certain situations, like emptying an attic or boxing and bagging several items.

CaptainClutterphoto CaptainClutterphoto

When Captain Clutter’s Director of Operations, Alan Romack, was asked what it was like working with Simplicity he answered, “When we work with Simplicity we know that we are partnering with the best in the business. Simplicity is a well-run company with the best organizers, who truly care about their clients and their needs.” 

Simplicity works with their clients, helping them sort, purge, and organize their belongings.  Then in a flash, Captain Clutter arrives to haul off all the items that are no longer needed.

Simplicity and Captain Clutter began their partnership in 2010 with a mission to help Charlotte residents de-clutter their homes and lives. Together they create customized and maintainable organizational systems. This perfect pair can transform a space in no time!

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