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I am only half joking when I tell my family and friends that September 1st feels like the real “New Year” to me. After a summer filled with travel, camps, house-guests, countless loads of beach towels and entirely too much Disney Channel, I find myself feeling like I need to subject my entire house to a thorough shake down. I am craving a fresh start for the new school year and the holidays that will arrive before I have fully recovered from the last ones.

It is officially time get our little ones back in school so we can complete a thought, have an uninterrupted telephone conversation, and grocery shop without having to apologize to everyone between the parking lot and the check-out aisle. We feel like only then will we be able to clean out the playroom to our satisfaction, sort through the accumulated seasons and sizes of clothing, and figure out what really needs to happen to that stack of mail and papers that we shoved into a Belk’s bag so we could clear off the counter tops for that last minute cook-out we volunteered to host. Fun stuff, right?

While all of those things need to happen and are an important part of running a home and managing a family, wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to spend so much time and energy doing those kinds of things? I don’t know about you, but I would rather be working on my family photo albums, meeting a friend for coffee, exercising, reading, or serving in my community.

We tell ourselves we will do these things when we have more time. Have you ever thought about how you will actually get more time? We always think the next stage of life, whatever that may be, will open up the calendar and the clock for us. As a professional organizer who has worked with families in all seasons of their lives, I can tell you that each one holds demands for your time and energy. We must be intentional about making the important things happen in our lives. We have to resolve to do them.

I find it interesting that the word resolution, which originates from the Latin resolvere, means to loosen or untie; to reveal. When we work with clients we often find them knotted up in anxiety and overwhelmed by their circumstances and their stuff. As we deal with the troublesome parts of their homes that cause them stress and we help them evaluate their relationship with their possessions we commonly see the layers peeled back revealing a fresh new perspective and attitude. They feel free to pursue the endeavors they really enjoy but have been putting off. So, what are you resolving to do with your “New Year” and how do you plan to make it happen? Maybe we should ring it in together.

by Andrea Gill, Simplicity Organizers

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