The Luxury of Enough

By Robin McCoy.

Examples abound of the idea that not only is enough, enough, but just enough is an incredible luxury.

In her beautiful book, The Simple Home, Sarah Nettleston illustrates this way of thinking. In her small backyard garden in Brooklyn, Susan Gregory Thomas, provides a living example.  At Simplicity, we impart these concepts to our clients every day of the week.

Contentment arises when we feel gratitude for what we have, not angst for what we don’t.  Happiness comes from the simple pleasures of home and hearth, not from acquiring ever more things and riches.

Simplifying your life requires a good deal of introspection and honesty.

Consider these possible paths from The Simple House.


  1. Simple is Enough. Needs and wants are not the same.
  2. Simple is Flexible. There are many paths to achieving your goal.  Be creative.  Share ideas.  Ask for help.
  3. Simple is Thrifty and Sustainable.  Remember our Brooklyn gardener…
  4. Simple is- well, Simple. Are you overscheduled and over   “stuffed”.  Streamlining your home and your life might be just the ticket to reducing hassle, stress and chaos.



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