The Art of Moving – A Moving Testimonial

movingboxBy Lori Martin, Owner, Founder and Chief Operating Mom of The Purple Martin & Co.

Several months ago, our family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children and all 6 pets) moved ~ we sold our home and were off to new adventures. Due to the overwhelming feeling and all the moving parts along  with packing for the big move on the horizon, I had to wave my white flag of surrender and ask for help.  I needed this transition to a new home to be as smooth as possible.  Thankfully I had a resource to call.

A team of professional organizers came to my rescue.  With very little notice, Simplicity arrived and listened intently to me as I described my packing needs room by room, what we should take to the rental home, and what we should unpack once we got there.

When the day came for Simplicity to come over to help me organize before the packers arrived ~ I was in near panic mode.  I had never moved 3 kids, 4 frogs, 1 fish and a dog ~ let alone ALL of the  9 year of “stuff” that comes along with our family.

Thankfully, Simplicity spent three hours with me, helping me sort, label, purge, and organize in preparation for packing the next day.  While I was on hand to answer any questions they had, Simplicity worked seamlessly to provide order to my complete chaos.

What did I learn that day?

1. You don’t want to move trash ~ literally, if you have not emptied your waste cans on packing day, the packers will pack your garbage!

2. When you are moving to a rental home, you don’t want to unpack everything ~ organize items into pack-and-store piles versus high frequency essentials you must pack-and-open in the rental home.

3. Purge before you pack ~ if you haven’t used an item by the time you move, chances are you will not use it in the new home.  Save money by purging before you pay the packers by the hour ~ or before you take the time to pack it yourself ~ those boxes are expensive!

On moving day, my house of boxes was loaded onto the moving truck one at a time and four hours later we were unloading the truck at the rental house.  As the boxes came pouring into the new home, Simplicity arrived right on schedule to help turn the sea of chaos into organized bliss one box at a time.

Here’s how it went …

~ Boxes were  packed and labeled based on Simplicity’s pre-packing assistance (labeling and sorting).

~ As each box came off the truck it went to the room it was labeled for ~ i.e. master bedroom, laundry room etc.

~ Once the boxes for a particular room were unpacked, Simplicity swooped in to literally put the ENTIRE room’s contents away in a SUPER organized manner!

We’re talking bathroom drawers lined, socks put in the appropriate sock drawer, towels folded and placed with care in the linen closet, beds made, books organized on the bookshelves, clothes hung in the closet, shoes placed neatly on racks and much more!

The biggest help was in the kitchen!  While I would have spent an entire week figuring out where to put the plates versus the Tupperware, Simplicity has done this so many times that in the matter of an hour, my entire kitchen and pantry was organized better than I would have EVER done it myself!

I have to tell you the entire move-in was perfectly streamlined!  By 9pm (remember the move day started at 8am) my children were sleeping in their made beds (dust ruffles on!) with the entire contents of their rooms organized and put away (clothes, toys, books, toothbrushes!!), my husband and I were relaxing on the sofa and the entire house full of boxes had been unpacked and properly put in its new home (unless it had been labeled storage and we had it stacked in the garage for the next move).

The icing on the cake was a walk through of where everything was located.   Simplicity arranged to come over the next day to show me how everything was organized and explained why certain items landed in certain places.  Their logic was flawless and the execution was perfect!

The biggest compliment I can give is that this entire experience was worth every penny.


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