Swap Til You Drop!

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How to throw a successful Clothes & Accessories Swap Party

Still have that top you found on sale that never quite fit? Tired of
seeing photos of you in the same statement earrings event after

Just because you are no longer wearing pieces in your wardrobe does not mean those items are not great! Most women have a jam-packed closet but say they have little to wear. The old 80/20 rule applies to clothes.  Most (80%) of the time, we wear a small portion (20%) of what we own. You should rid your closet of items that don’t make you happy and confident.

A clothes and accessories swap is the perfect way to go shopping without spending a dime

while having a fun time with your friends.

5 Simple Steps to Hosting a Swap Party

1) Determine your guest list. Invite local friends whose style you


2) Try to keep the guest list below 12. It’s easier to manage.

3) Specify the type and minimum number of items to bring, as well
as what season. For example: Spring/summer tops, bottoms,
belts, handbags, and jewelry, minimum of 12 items. Make sure
all items are in good condition.

4) Set up like a boutique. Consider a rolling rack for hanging
clothes, tabletops for folded tops, jeans and accessories. Have
multiple mirrors (one full length if possible).

5) Draw numbers. To avoid a free for all draw numbers of who gets
to shop first, second, third, etc.

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Have fun trying on lots of items and don’t forget to give fashion advice!

Remember, just because an item has become stale in your wardrobe does not mean it can’t be new and fresh in your friend’s. Guiltlessly enjoy scoring a new wardrobe while cleaning out your own!


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