Summer Bucket List


Summer Bucket List

I don’t know about you, but at the end of the school year the last thing I want to think about before summer is another to do list!  I mean really, May seems as busy as December! After the long, structured school year filled with managing work, homework, household duties, volunteering tasks, and after-school activities who wants to plan another thing?  I just want to soak up the sun and wing it for awhile! But we all know how long that really lasts don’t we? About one day. That is when the Summer Bucket List can really come in handy.

This year I have asked each member of my family to come up with ten items for our list.  After nine months of being on auto-pilot with our fast paced schedules this exercise was just the ticket to slow down, change gears and sit down to really tune in to each other’s interests – and honestly to reconnect again on a deeper level. Here is what we all came up with:

I now have our list handy on the magnetic board in the kitchen ready for the quickly approaching lazy days of summer. (We may even have it laminated so we can check things off as we do them)!  So on the days when we are tired of the pool or we don’t have VBS or a camp to attend, we can help keep our summer calm by going to our list to pick an activity for the day if and when boredom should arise.

While planning ahead and making lists isn’t always fun, it is a necessary part of maintaining a more simple and calm existence for all.  What’s on your bucket list for the summer?

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