Just say no – it works.

Take these easy steps and you’ll see less junk mail and fewer phone solicitations.

  • Credit Reporting Industry Pre-Screening Opt-Out Hotline: Pre-Approved credit solicitations
    • Removes your contact information from the lists for pre-approved credit card solicitations of four major credit bureaus.
    • Call 1.888.567.8688 or go online at:
    • You can opt out for 5 years or forever
  • Direct Marketing Association: Email and direct mail
    • Stops direct-mail and email marketing.  You can also register to get a deceased family member off lists. If you are a caretaker and need to stop mail from coming you can also register in that way.
    • There is a $1 charge to verify your credit card or checkbook identity.  The DMA regularly updates its lists thus six months may pass before solicitations from all DMA members cease.
    • Go online on at and click on “Advocacy and Guidelines” then “CSR for Consumers”.  Go to the bottom of the page to register.
  • Catalogs
    • Are you getting swamped with catalogs?  Your name has probably been turned over to Abacus, an alliance of catalog and publishing companies.  To stop individual catalogs from reaching your home, contact the specific company.
    • Call 1.888.5.OPT.OUT to stop en masse mailings or email
  • Non-credit offers – coupons, flyers and catalogs:
    • To remove your name from that result from Experian’s lists call 402.458.5247
  • Resident and Occupant Mailings: Go to – a quick, free way to reduce junk mail.
  • Stop Identity Theft: Go to to learn how to prevent and stop identity theft.  On this site you can “lock” your credit report which would prevent anyone from opening a credit card in your name.
  • Do Not Call Registry: Call 1.888.382.1222  or go to and register your phone number(s) or check a registration.  Solicitation calls should stop within 31 days.

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