Simplifying College Life

The transition from high school to college brings many exciting changes, such as new friends, unlimited social events and the freedom that many teens crave. But with such freedom comes responsibility, and many teenagers find themselves struggling with this balance within the first few weeks of college.

 Dorm Picture


The key to helping teenagers shift from a supportive, structured environment in high school to a mostly unstructured environment is to develop a proactive organizational plan. Although a parent may be tempted to rush out to Bed, Bath and Beyond, armed with 20% off coupons to buy everything their child may need, this strategy is missing a key component – the teenager’s input. To best prepare your teen for the transition, it is vital for parents and teens to intentionally talk through the pending changes and develop a plan and strategy for helping the teen assume these responsibilities.

A comprehensive organizational plan will touch on four areas of a college student’s life: personal care, rest, play and study. From developing valuable time management strategies to implementing practical organizational strategies, discussing these four areas will prepare a teen for any challenges that college may bring.

As you develop the overall plan, here are some quick strategies to simplify and streamline their space.

Personal Care: Avoiding bringing all of your clothes to college. Select versatile pieces for the current season and leave the rest at home. Utilize slimline hangars to maximize hanging space.

Rest: Wake up at the same time every day, regardless of when you have class. This will prevent rushing and give you extra time to complete tasks in your room.

Play: If bringing a TV or video games to your room, coordinate with your roommate so nothing is duplicated. Make sure your furniture also provides extra storage space or pick up a storage ottoman.

Study: Designate daily study hours to prevent procrastination. Use either a paper or digital calendar to remind yourself of both homework and social obligations so that you can plan ahead.

To help your college bound student prepare their own organizational plan, join us for the Organizing for College Lunch and Learn on June 6th. We will share many practical tips and make sure your teenager is well prepared!


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