Simplicity’s Personal Assistant Services

todolistBy Amy Patwa.

You may have experienced the benefit and relief of having a Simplicity Organizer come into your home to help organize a room or two (or 3 or 4).  Or perhaps they set you up with the exact system you need to keep track of your files, papers, records and important family keepsakes.  Then they leave.  You may feel a tad bittersweet as you say good-bye to your organizer.  Yet it feels so good to have that filing system in place and everything labeled accordingly and your playroom finally organized.  Ah, a burden is lifted.

But then life happens.  Kids need carpooled.  Bills need paid. Groceries need shopped.  Notes need written.  Emails need gone through.  Phone calls need returned.  Gifts need bought.  Papers need filed.  Errands need run.  And the list continues.  That is where our new Personal Assistance service comes in just the right time.

This is a new service offered to current clients to help you keep up with what the Simplicity organizers put in place.  Our Personal Assistants (PA) are available when you need them, whether it’s weekly, twice a month, or monthly. If you find yourself overwhelmed again but don’t need re-organized, then the PA service is right for you.  Designed to help you maintain the organization and systems set up by our professional organizers, you and your PA will decide what is the best fit for you.  We know that the list is important, yet we don’t want it to become more important than the time you can spend with your family and friends.

Please contact us if you are interested in the Personal Assistance Service.  You can also check out our website for a list of services that our included.

I am so glad that I finally decided to commit my time and money to hire a personal assistant through Simplicity. Amy and I have worked through many an office job that I had been putting off for years—yes, years. She is also training me how to keep current with all the office type home management chores I must do. Personally, Amy is a delight. She keeps us hard at work, yet we have fun while working. If you are wondering if you should hire an office assistant through Simplicity, then you should. Do it now. You’ll wish you had done it even sooner.-Current Client, Bridgett Bell Langson


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