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Joe Martin ALS


I am very thankful to Simplicity for taking the time to come out and save me from a disastrous hot mess of what I called a closet.  I moved into our apartment in October 2014, about two weeks after our son was born.  I never had the time to fully unpack, sort, and reorganize anything. Between my 9 year old son, our dog, becoming a new mom again and taking care of my husband Kevin who was recently diagnosed with ALS, I have barely had time to breathe.  I struggle each day to try and achieve a clean, neat, well-organized house. My constant on the go lifestyle and juggling everyday tasks makes it nearly impossible.  Our closet got so out of hand that every time I would walk by it I would just throw something else in and shut the door. I couldn’t even deal with it. I found myself in there some days trying to find things and all I could do was get stressed, turn around, and shut the door.

I knew I needed help, so I called the Joe Martin ALS Foundation and asked for help. Sarah Hayden, with the Foundation, came out that week and we brainstormed ways to help make my life easier. She suggested I contact Simplicity Organizers. I thought the idea was brilliant and was ecstatic at the thought of having professional organizers help me with my closet.

Simplicity Serves ALS

Simplicity Organizers with Melissa Clay (in the middle)

The results were phenomenal!  In a little less than two hours – I could see the floor again. Everything had a place.  Everything was neat, organized and easy to find.  I am extremely pleased with these ladies and the relief it provided.  I was impressed that they even hauled off my donated items and consignment for me.


ALS Closet Before




ALS Closet After

I feel like I can breathe again, and I know it sounds silly that having a messy unorganized closet could cause so much aggravation, but believe me it was a nightmare in my mind. The simple things in life are what matter most! The smallest gesture can make all the difference in the world.  I am thankful and blessed to have the help from the Joe Martin ALS Foundation and Simplicity for making a difference in my family’s life.  I cant thank you enough.


Melinda Clay

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