Simple Christmas

Simple Organizing Tips for the Holidays

Ask yourself: What is most important to you during the holiday season?
How you spend your holiday season, should reflect the answer to that question.

Have a plan. Be intentional about the decisions you make.

Purge and de-clutter. Let GO of the items that you no longer use! There is no better time than NOW to get organized. Get your children involved in de-cluttering their spaces before more gifts arrive.

Use appropriate containers. Clear plastic containers are a great way to store holiday decorations. LABEL!

Remember less is more. The more you have, the more complicated life gets. What you own, ends up owning you.

Enjoy the present moment. It is the simple things that truly make the holidays special! During the rush of shopping, wrapping and planning for holiday parties, family gatherings, and travel – make time to be in the moment.

Take time to enjoy the holiday season.
Remind yourself again what is most important to during this season.
If you are overwhelmed after the holidays, consider using our ‘Organizing after the Holidays’ service.


Organizing Your Holidays & Parties

The holidays and festivities are behind you but the enormous task of undoing and packing all the decorations and party accouterments still awaits you. All the eager helpers on the front end have mysteriously vanished and you’re wondering how you’ll ever get your house back to normal. Well wonder no more. With Simplicity’s help, it will be home sweet home before you know it. Depending on the size of the job, one or more Simplicity associates will undo all the decorations just as carefully as they were “done”. Everything will be packed using your containers or ones we provide, then labeled and stored for easy access next year.


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