Renting Your House for the DNC?

We, at Simplicity Organizers, are preparing for the 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte this September.  Several of our clients have explored renting their homes during the DNC and have asked us to help them ready their space for this rare opportunity.  We have collaborated with Trent Corbin of Providence Property Management to provide some tips on how to prepare and rent your home during the DNC.dncc_logo

Marketing your DNC Rental

When marketing your DNC rental, Trent says the most important aspect of any listing is the photography.  Many visitors arriving in Charlotte for the Convention will not have been able to see their accommodations first-hand before signing a lease, which makes the photos in online listings critical to a potential renter’s success. Hiring an organizing company before taking photographs can be time and money well-spent. Potential renters will see your home as neat, spacious and efficient. Keep in mind most DNC visitors preferred a hotel room, but unable to find one, they’re considering a rental.  If your home or condo is cluttered, your listing will scarcely get a glance.

The primary rooms and areas of interest are:

  • Living Space – Picture this: You’re a lobbyist attending the Convention.  At the end of a long day of events and networking, when you come home to your “home away from home, you want to relax.  Does your living space fit that bill? Or are magazines piled high on the end table and video games scattered on the floor?  A potential renter will wonder if this clutter going to be there when they arrive.  Don’t give them reasons to pass on your rental, especially when the fixes can be so easy!
  • Kitchen – Visitors during the DNC aren’t going to be doing much cooking, but they might be entertaining with a caterer. A quality kitchen always adds value when marketing your home.  You don’t need to upgrade to stainless steel and granite, but you DO need to put away the dish soap and dirty kitchen towels and clear the countertops of miscellany.  If your refrigerator is covered in children’s art and magnets, please take them down for your rental photographs.
  • Bedrooms – The master bedroom needs to shine. That’s where the renter will be sleeping and they’re hoping for luxury.  Kids’ rooms are tough to market for the DNC. Most attendees won’t be bringing their families. Simplicity’s team can assist you in turning your kids’ cluttered spaces into rooms that look like inviting for executive, lobbyist or media personality.
  • Bathrooms – These are always challenging because they are often tight spaces with lots of mirrors that make for difficult photography.  Simplicity Organizers can help you reduce the clutter so your bathroom shines.  (Remember: always keep the toilet seats down when taking bathroom photographs!)
  • Exterior – This one is pretty simple.  As a DNC attendee, I might be entertaining at your home so it needs to look polished and presentable. I need to know your garage isn’t filled with a bunch of sports equipment and tools if I plan to park my company car.  I would also prefer not to have to use a machete to hack through your overgrown bushes to get to the door.  Make it look clean, make it look nice and make it look organized.   It’s as simple as that.

If you’re thinking about renting your home during the DNC, contact Trent at Providence Property Management today, but first, make sure your home is organized and ready for photographs and marketing materials.  Yes, it may cost you money up front to prepare before renting your home, but the money you make from the rental and a highly organized home when you return, will be worth the upfront investment!

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