The Power of Partnerships

Room 211 Recently, Simplicity team member, Andrea Gill, had the opportunity to contribute her organizational skills to “The Teacher Project” at Greenway Park Elementary. Greenway Park is a Title I school in Charlotte that has benefited from several community partnerships with churches and businesses. The congregation at New Charlotte Church raised funds to create a resource room stocked full of supplies needed to help teachers meet the needs of students in their classrooms.

Room 211 had become a graveyard for curriculum no longer in use so Principal, Paula Rao, dedicated the space to the new resource room. Before it could be stocked with supplies it had to be cleaned out. Andrea and several volunteers from New Charlotte packed up all of the materials and books to be returned to the school system’s main storage facility.

Room 211 Before

Once the room was cleared it was time to bring in all of the supplies to stock the room. Fortunately, the existing built-in storage was perfect. Brand new winter coats and shoes in all sizes were sorted by gender and size and placed in cubbies. Coats that were not in packages were rolled like a sleeping bag and secured with a rubber band. Labeling of the cubbies allows teachers to easily identify what they are looking for and New Charlotte members to quickly know what sizes need replenishing.

In addition to winter clothing items, the room is filled with frequently used school supplies for teachers and students – highlighters, dry-erase markers, crayons, scissors, post-it notes, and more. The upper cabinets were perfect for using clear bins to contain all of these items. Each bin was labeled along with the outside of the cabinet. The large bottom cabinets are filled with extra backpacks. A lateral file holds binders, folders, and copy paper. There is a white board on the wall that allows for teachers to communicate any specific needs they have and to make requests.Room 211 After

In addition to the resource room, New Charlotte Church also raised money to purchase 100 iPads for classroom use by students at Greenway Park. Local media was there when the students learned of the donation and Room 211 was unveiled. Check out the links to the stories below.

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