Paper Statistics

Statistics on Paper and Filing


    •  The average American gets 49,060 pieces of mail in a lifetime, one third of it is junk mail·
    •  There are thirty-seven hours of unfinished work on your desk at any given time.
    • 90% of all documents handled each day are merely shuffled.
    • Over 800 million pages are created from computer printouts per day, enough to fill a file drawer 225 miles long.
    • 80% of filed papers are never referenced again. 50% of all filed materials are duplicates or expired information.
    • Experience continues to show that 30%-40% of all recorded information can be immediately deleted from electronic systems or paper systems.
    • Studies show that some executives will pick up a single piece of paper from their desk thirty or forty times before acting on it.-Michael F. Woolery, Seize the Day
    • By switching to electronic bills, statements and payments, the study (commissioned by the non profit Pay It Green Alliance) found, the average US household could save 6.6 pounds of paper and reduce greenhouse gases by 171 pounds per year.  According to the alliance, you could save up to $100 on postage, $50 on checks per year-and whatever you would have spend on late fees. -Ilyce Glink, Tribune Media Services.
    • The average American business person loses an hour a half a day, or 40 hours a year, in lost productivity, searching for lost and misplaced items from messy desks and files. – Wall Street Journal
Please Note: Unless otherwise stated, all statistical information was obtained from the National Association of Professional Organizers. NAPO continuously collects statistics on organization and clutter control.

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