Organizing Your Garage

garageIt’s time to vote for one lucky winner to take back their garage – with style! Carolina Custom Garages, Simplicity Organizers and Rubbish Works have teamed up to help one lucky Charlotte home-owner get their garage in gear – for free!

Rubbish Works will haul away the donations and trash, Simplicity will organize what remains and Carolina Custom Garages will tie it all together with their custom garage organization system.

Check out the messy garage photos of the Top 10 Finalists and select the garage you think should win the garage makeover by clicking on the heart, the Facebook Like or the Twitter Tweet under the photo of the garage you wish to win.  Voting is open to all this week. The winner will be posted on our blog on May 7th.

For those of you who want to organize your own garage, we’ve shared our organizing tips below.


When it comes to organizing, the garage suffers an identity crisis.  Is it part of the house or not?  Does it merit a high level of “spiffing “ or does anything go?  Is it a place to park cars or is that fantasy thinking?

Regardless of how you view your garage, some organizing can be helpful.  Now’s a great time to tackle this project while the weather is mild and the children are still in school.

With garages, the contents may be different from what’s in your house, but the organizing process is the same.  First, envision how you want your garage to function- what’s working and what’s not? Then, it’s time to roll up your sleeves.

Sort and Purge

Everything comes out and is separated into one of three piles- keep, donate or toss.


All the keepers are stored with like kind, with most frequently used items being easily accessible.  Open wire shelving is an excellent, affordable option for keeping things off the floor and in easy reach.  Shelf height can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.  If your budget permits, a custom installed garage storage system is as good as it gets.


When practical, use clear, lidded containers for storage.   Dirt and bugs will be minimized and small items won’t be lost.


If you have a label maker, use it.  If not, consider buying one.  It’s a purchase you won’t regret.

Discard / Donate 

Don’t sabotage your project by letting trash and donations linger.  Call the city for an extra trash pickup and load the car with donations.  If you’ve got a mountain of discards, using a professional rubbish removal service to haul it all away will be money well-spent.

Finally, under “misery loves company”, take a look at the entries in Simplicity’s Messiest Garage Contest.  And for inspiration, see the winner’s before and after photos which will be posted on our blog soon!

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