Organize Your Information

Beautiful example of Autumn Holiday Notebooks


The Purple Martin & Co. is an information organizational company catering to the needs of busy moms in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Based on the known fact that moms keep too much information in their heads and electronic devices, Lori Martin decided to start a business to help moms find a better solution to organizing their family data in a shareable format.

The Purple Martin & Co. creates customized family handbooks to meet each mom’s unique needs.  We capture everything from medical basics to carpool schedules to which child prefers to go to bed with the lights on.  As moms we tend to underestimate the amount of knowledge we possess and forget to communicate much of it to husbands, babysitters, mothers-in-law, etc.

Through an in-home consultation, we take the time to fully understand your information needs.  After carefully listening to your individual requirements, we will guide you through the different ways we can capture your “life of paper”.  Your “mommy data” is then put into a handbook customized to your specifications.

If you are a busy mom with a dreaded “pile” of family information (think that awful drawer you keep crumpled business cards in, the scribbled family schedule you hand to a babysitter with misinformation on it, the four different phone directories you have to reference and can occasionally NOT find) The Purple Martin & Co. can help.

In addition to family notebooks, The Purple Martin & Co. offers beautiful, custom notebooks for recipes, vacation homes, memory keeper books, and more.

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