It Takes a Village

By Anne Steppe.


Andrea Gill - Simplicity Organizer, Wife, Mother & Fashion Model
Andrea Gill – Simplicity Organizer, Wife, Mother & Fashion Model

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a personal stylist, a hair stylist, a fabulous local consignment boutique, and a makeup artists to get an organizer ready to MC an event or walk the runway!  Simplicity partnered with Monarch Boutique, a local consignment boutique, and Erin Zelickson of Erin Shops to participate in the main stage fall-inspired fashion event at this year’s Southern Women’s Show.  Fun was had by all, and Andrea and I got to step out of “mommy world” and into the fashion world for our 15 minutes of fame.

Simplicity organizer, Andrea Gill took the stage by storm modeling two different outfits (see photos).  The first was a grey dress with an adorable pink jacket finished off with some cute purple shoes!  Mrs. Gill then strutted her stuff in an ivory dress, camel-colored quilted jacket and rocked out some fabulous brown boots.   Organizing never looked so good!

All the clothes were from Monarch, a consignment boutique located at 1222 East Boulevard in Charlotte where you can shop all the latest and greatest in fashion without paying the highest prices. The outfits were arranged by Personal Stylist, Erin Zelickson.  If you can’t make sense of what to buy or how to piece it together, Erin can.  Erin and I were the MC’s of the show – thank goodness Erin was there to actually inform the audience about fashion.   I can organize your clothes folks, but trust me–you don’t want me trying to dress you.

Andrea Gill - Looking fabulous!
Andrea Gill – Looking fabulous!

The clothes that were featured in the show are a great inspirational lead into the fall fashion season, which is always the perfect time to purge and organize your closets.  Out with the old and in with the new.  However, if you can’t even get into your closet to make heads or tails of what you actually have you could be the ideal candidate to register to win our $2,000 closet makeover! (Entry deadline is this Friday, September 30th.)

Let Simplicity help you with the purge and re-organization of your clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry in your NEW Closets by Design space while Erin Zelickson puts together outfits that make you feel strong, sexy and stylish!

We thank Southern Shows for the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and onto the stage this past weekend!  We had fun working with Monarch and learned so much about styling from Erin.  It was an experience these two working moms will look back on and remember that feeling beautiful can be fun and sometimes confidence is just a fabulous outfit away.

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