I’m Not Sure I Can Afford an Organizer…

dreamingofshoesHiring a professional organizer is much like hiring a landscape architect or an interior decorator.   Organizing, landscaping and decorating are things that can be done independently, but often shouldn’t be.

Potential clients might hesitate to hire a professional organizer for the same reasons they balk at engaging a landscaper or decorator- they think they should be able to do it themselves and consider help in these areas to be an extravagance or admission of incompetence.

When it comes to organizing and streamlining your home, you know if this is where your talents lie.  If so, read no further. But if you struggle when it comes to taming your possessions, hiring a professional organizer might be the answer.

With Simplicity, you’ll be hiring professionals who bring not only their expertise, but also the womanpower to achieve sustainable results more quickly.  You’ll gain not just an organized home but also peace and mental clarity. Getting organized creates space in your life that allows for more spontaneity and flexibility. It’s an investment for your entire family, not a selfish indulgence.  All that’s to say, being organized should not be viewed as a luxury, but rather a necessity.

Professional organizing provides tremendous value.  Your space, your calendar, and your family are organized not just for the short run, but for the long haul, too.  Simplicity clients are armed with the tools and systems for maintaining their homes once the job is done.  We’ll check in with you periodically to make sure everything is continuing to hum.

For about the same price as a great restaurant meal for two with good wine, a pair of designer shoes, or a few spa services, you can have a half-day with a Simplicity organizer.   The restaurant, new shoes, and spa provide real but fleeting pleasures, while getting organized will bring real and lasting pleasures.

So, ask yourself this question, “Can I afford not to hire an organizer?”

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