“Happy Wife = Happy Life”

By Steve Repak, CFP

After serving 12 years in the Army, frequently moving from one duty station to another, I can proudly say that I had become pretty good at packing and moving. The part of moving that I was not that good at was the unpacking part.  For any of you that were ever in the military or had a job where you were required to move often, I know you can relate. 

After years of accumulating many unopened boxes I started running out of room where to put them.  I came up with a great plan for my last move.  I made sure I bought a house with a basement in order to have a place to hide all of those boxes.  It seemed like a good plan at the time but after a few years living in the house my plan started to unravel.  As long as those boxes were out of sight, they were out of mind.  That was until one winter morning my wife came up from the basement and asked me when I would go through those boxes. I told her that I would make it a priority once the weather warmed up because the basement was unheated.  Once spring arrived, the weather started getting warmer and I was nicely reminded to go through those boxes.  Since the weather was nicer I sure didn’t want to spend any time in a basement when it was so beautiful outside.  Once summer came, it was too hot to work down in the basement.  Eventually fall arrived and I am sad to say my wife starting losing patience with me.  I was all out of excuses and now I was out of time.

 I learned a long time ago “Happy Wife = Happy Life” so I had to make it a priority to get my basement in order and make my wife happy if I wanted to be happy.  On a Sunday morning I was reading the Mecklenburg Times when I came across an article about this company “Simplicity Organizers” that was able to help a Charlotte family with a problem of hoarding.  I thought it was awesome that there were people out there that could make a difference in other people’s lives so the following morning I called them up.  On the phone, they explained the process from beginning to end and then scheduled a time for the initial assessment.  When they arrived they were extremely professional and courteous. Within a few days they called back up with a game plan and a date to start.  They were really easy to get along with and fun to work with.  They were able to unpack all of those boxes, categorize the mess into keep, donate, or trash, and organize my stuff in a quick and timely fashion. They didn’t do it for free but it was definitely worth the money.

 In my book “Dollars & Uncommon Sense” I explain that the things that are important to you are the things you spend your time and money on.  I made it a priority to get my boxes unpacked and my mess organized.  I spent my money on something I should have done a long time ago, which made my wife happy and I am glad to say, that I have a Happy Life!

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