Halloween Memories – Simplified

By Lori Martin, Chief Operating Mom, Purple Martin & Co.

Do you have a shoebox of old Halloween photos waiting to be put into a photo album? My parents actually have “slides” of my childhood Halloween pictures – not even in an album for me to see.

HalloweenPages All I remember is that one year I was a ghost with a purple bandana tied around my head to prevent the sheet I was wearing from sliding down over my eyes. Hilarious memory, but I would L-O-V-E to see that photo today and share it with my children.

Instead of slides (from the 1970’s), perhaps you have Halloween photos saved digitally (Shutterfly or Snapfish perhaps?) that have never been published or shared. Have you ever wondered what those photos saved chronologically would look like side by side?

How the Tinkerbell costume worn by your oldest child one year was proudly worn 4 years later by her younger sister? Or how your cowboy looked all decked out for the rodeo at age 3 compared to the vampire he chose to be at age 10?


Memories are fun to keep & even more fun to look back on as the years go by all too quickly. My mantra for keeping memories is this…. “If they are important enough to keep, they should be honored.”

The Purple Martin & Co. has created a simple, meaningful way to keep track of those adorable costumes your children chose throughout the years.

Use our inspiration below to capture your favorite Halloween costume photo of your children this year! Then work backwards through your older photos and add those to the album to see how they have grown. Display your album each year for Halloween and simply add the new Halloween photograph as soon as it is developed.

Do you have more than one child? Try making one album per child so that one day when they are older they can each take their own album with them to share with their children.

I would really love to find that picture of me wearing a sheet with a purple bandana. My 11 year old would think that was hysterical. Instead, she enjoys looking at our album every fall when we pull it off the shelf. It sits on our coffee table and all who visit enjoy a peek at our costumes of Halloween past.

No time to make one of your own? Simplicity & The Purple Martin & Co. partner together to creatively organize and simplify your memories.


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