Simplicity-SavingsA Year of Simplicity: A 12-month program

You know about the book, fruit and flower of the month clubs. We’ve applied the same concept to organization of your home. Here’s how it works: Commit to four (4) hours of organizing time each month for 12 consecutive months from an extensive list of options or suggest your own.  Together we prioritize the areas in your home you want organized.   This service is package-priced for the best bang for the buck! (Savings of $480.)

After you have completed your Year of Simplicity program, you automatically become a Simplicity Maintenance Member, which entitles you to a discounted hourly rate. We will also follow-up with you regularly to help ensure routine maintenance and success. (Savings of $10 per organization hour.)


Bulk Organizing Package

If you have a strict deadline or prefer to work as quickly as possible, then our Bulk Organizing package might be the best solution for you. You may pre-purchase 72 hours worth of organizing time at a discounted rate which can be used at any time to accomplish each of your organizational goals. (Savings of $700.)