Simplicity-SavingsA Year of Simplicity: A 12-month program

We have found that setting aside a consistent time every month to organize each space in your house yields the best results! Not only do you experience a great sense of satisfaction each month, the systems put into place are most sustainable.

By purchasing this plan up front, you will receive a total of 60 organizing hours. Some projects, such as attics and garages typically need 2 organizers while more personal projects such as home offices only need 1 organizer. The 60 hours will therefore be distributed among the months depending on how many organizers are needed for each project. If additional organizers or hours are used, the discounted rate of $60 an hour is applied. Any supplied or personal shopping time will be billed separately and due upon receipt for each monthly project.

After you have completed your Year of Simplicity program, you automatically become a Simplicity Maintenance Member, which entitles you to a discounted hourly rate. We will also follow-up with you regularly to help ensure routine maintenance and success.

Bulk Organizing Package

If you have a strict deadline or prefer to work as quickly as possible, clients may purchase the Bulk Organizing package at a discounted rate. This package is the equivalent of 65 organizing hours, at the reduced rate of $60/hour and can be used in any combination of hours and organizers to complete the project goals.
Clients must schedule a minimum of 4 hours per session and the cost must be paid upfront, in full. Once the client has reached $3,600.00 they will begin being charged at the regular $65 an hour rate, unless they decide to purchase the Bulk Organizing Package again.

Cost: $3,600 (reduced hourly rate of $65 to $60)
$300 worth of savings!