Getting Organized for Summer Camp

Summer 2013 is right around the corner!  As a child, I went to overnight camp and as an adult, I have worked for several different camping organizations.  I found that being organized helped me create amazing summer camp memories.  If your summer plans involve sending your kids off to an overnight camp, you’ll sleep better at night knowing they’re well prepared for their time away.  Here are some tips to get your campers organized and ready for a great summer!

Summer Camp


Use the camp’s packing list and know the camp’s dress code.  
The camp checklist (sample checklist: is a terrific way to make sure your child will have everything he or she needs during the week away. Print out a copy of the camp’s checklist, and then record how many of each item you send along with your child to camp. Pack this inventoried packing list in your child’s bag so she can use it for packing to come back home, helping ensure no belongings are left behind.  Helpful Hint:  Label EVERYTHING!

Helpful Ideas

Send along a couple of small backpacks or drawstring bags. Fill the first backpack with items like a water bottle, sunscreen, camera, and lip balm and have your child use it for time away from the bunk. Use the second drawstring bag as a “bunktime” bag for nighttime and rest time supplies such as writing and reading supplies, a clipboard, a flashlight, and other nighttime essentials.  Send along a camera and tell your child to hand it over to friends! It will be a great way for your child to remember his/her time at camp and these photos will help you put faces to all the new names you’ll be hearing as your child shares camp stories with you.

Letter Writing TO Camp

Keep in touch. Find out your camp’s policy on keeping in touch with your camper such as via letters, email or phone/text messages. Notes from home make everyone feel better—the camper and mom and dad. Also check to see if your child’s camp will be posting photos of campers on the camp website or a photo sharing site. Seeing photos of your child having fun while they’re away will put your mind at ease, especially if your camp doesn’t allow for direct communication with your camper.  Helpful Hint:  Start sending letters to camp before your child leaves to go to camp.  This way there will be mail waiting for them on the first day!

Letter Writing FROM Camp
Encourage your child to send letters home. Even if letters from camp don’t arrive home until after camp is over, there is nothing like hearing about your child’s camp experience. These letters will be special keepsakes that will remind your child of their week at camp for years and years to come.  Helpful Hint: Pre-address and stamp envelopes to your home address, as well as to other family members.


Plan something fun for the week after camp. If your child loves camp, coming home could be a big letdown. Have something fun planned for the week after camp such as trips to the pool, beach or a local attraction. This will ease your child’s transition back into life at home.

Camp Resources
Here are some great websites for camp gear and labels:
Camp Outfitters –
Camp Search – or
Labels –
Care Packages –

Camp can be a wonderful experience for the whole family—especially when you send your child off to camp prepared and organized!

Written By: Jaime Cojac (Simplicity Organizer)

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