Purple Martin & Co. – Organizing Your Family’s Critical Data


Lori’s Story

In her previous life, Lori worked for investment banking firms including JPMorgan, First Union Securities and Wachovia Securities. Today she applies her strategies of organizing her work “information” to her rewarding job of “Chief Operating Mom!”
Founder of The Purple Martin & Co, a customized family resource company, Lori specializes in working with families to organize your critical information into a “family handbook” built just for you!
Mom to 3 children and wife to Andy, Lori lives the chaotic lives of everyday moms and offers advice and customized organizational resources to simplify your household management.
The Purple Martin & Co. & Simplicity work together to bring simple solutions to your home life. Simplicity specializes in organizing your home spaces while The Purple Martin & Co. specializes in organizing your “mommy data.” We have found that having an organized home goes “hand in hand” with creating a customized family handbook. Both are necessary to help control the chaos of everyday mom life and restore peace and balance to our schedules & lives.

Notebook Offerings
  • Family Handbook 
  • Emergency Handbook
  • Vacation Home Handbook
  • New Home Handbook
  • Memories Book
  • Recipe Book
  • Business / Groups / Special Projects Handbook
  • Holiday / Event Planning Handbook
  • Bridal / Wedding Handbook
  • Coupons Book
  • Download and check out  “Handbook Types” for additional details and photos of handbooks.

Getting Started
Details coming soon. 
The Relatives
“As an organization that specializes in keeping families together, The Relatives is grateful for our partnership with Lori Martin and Purple Martin & Co..  We appreciate Lori’s commitment to “giving back” to The Relatives through her passion for helping families.  Whether organizing family information,  volunteering with youth at The Crisis Center, or creating awareness and synergy about our at risk population,  Lori is a true ambassador for youth and families in our community.”
– The Relatives, “Keeping Kids Safe and Families Together”

Contact Lori 
(704) 724-9108

I received the books today and they are GREAT!  Love them! Thanks so much!  You have been wonderful to work with ~ helping me preserve memories for my children and making life important information at my finger tips.  … also,  the handbook came at a prefect time with vacation coming up soon, can’t wait to take with us.  Jenny  

I cannot say enough about how valuable my personalized family handbook has been to my family … and I’ve only had the book for a month or so!   The book contains all of the household information that has been previously stored ONLY in my brain.  Now, my husband, sitters, and relatives have quick access to any number of routine household questions, who to call in an emergency, and the where and when of the kids’ many activities.   With a busy, family with 6 kids, I find the consolidation of schedules and school information, tremendous.  Instead of sifting through a pile of papers to find that one invitation or schedule or carpool person, I just find the right tab in my book and VOILA, I have what I need.  I am so happy that I learned of The Purple Martin & Co.  Our family handbook has already made my life easier!     Melissa – mom of 6