Simplicity – At Home

  • Bulging closets?
  • Chaotic kitchen?
  • Piles of papers?
  • Overflowing garage and attic?

We will help you clear the clutter, chaos and stress from your home and give you back one of life’s simple pleasures – the peacefulness of a well-ordered home. Don’t you feel better already?

Home Organization
Time varies based on the project.

By clearing the clutter, you can reduce the chaos and establish a home environment that is functional as well as peaceful – a true retreat from the hectic world outside. A typical program includes: defining the functions of each room, streamlining possessions, maximizing storage and improving access to all household items (including papers). Discover how Simplicity can transform your closets, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, children’s rooms, entryways, garages and your life!

Home Office Organization
Time varies based on the project.

Home Office

Streamline the flow of information, recover lost space and let go of useless clutter so you can improve productivity, reduce stress and find time to enjoy more of life’s pleasures. A typical program includes: sorting the stacks, custom designing a user-friendly information management system (i.e. paper, e-mail and voice mail management) and learning to maintain your system. Our goal is to leave you with a new sense of “retrieval confidence” – assurance that you can find what you want when you want it. 

A Year of Simplicity 

A 12-month program. 

You know about the book, fruit and flower of the month clubs. We’ve applied the same concept to organization of your home. Here’s how it works. Commit to four (4) hours of organizing time each month from an extensive list of options or suggest your own, at a discounted hourly rate. In addition to our hands-on expertise and guidance, you’ll receive “A Year of Simplicity” notebook with relevant articles and handouts to help you maintain your streamlined home and simplified life. This service is package-priced with lots of bang for the buck! 

Bring Simplicity into your life. Contact a Simplicity Organizer today.