Simplicity – While on the Move

  • Where do I start?
  • Will it all fit in my new house?
  • Unpack ALL of these boxes?
  • What will I do with the empty boxes?

We are here to help you prepare for your move, unpack all of your belongings and help you turn your new house into a home.

Moving and Relocation

Time varies based on the project.

Imagine walking through the front door of your new home and finding everything arranged, unpacked and ready for your arrival. All you need to do is stock the refrigerator and meet the neighbors. What a great way to relieve the stress of moving. A typical program includes: a pre-move consultation, unpacking all the moving boxes, and creating functional, organized storage and living spaces.

Moving and Relocation Services – Simplicity can…

  • Prepare the home for marketing by de-cluttering/organizing, leading to quicker sales and a better price.
  • Coordinate dates with home stagers and/or interior decorators.
  • Prepare home for sale and move – assist with helping clients decide what belongings they want to take to their new home, what belongings they want to give to their family and friends, what belongings they want to consign or sell, and what belongings they want to donate.
  • Inventory donated belongings.
  • Recommend moving companies and prepare a detailed client moving timeline and schedule.
  • Schedule extra trash and/or junk removal of any excess items.
  • Communicate effectively with family members and the realtors involved.
  • Coordinate moving dates.
  • Schedule turn off dates/transfers for phone, television, Duke Power, and Piedmont Natural Gas.
  • Unpack and organize the entire new home-creating functional and organized spaces.
  • Organize the kitchen and make-up all beds with fresh linens on move-in day.
  • Purchase groceries for the household.
  • Turn a sea of moving boxes into a welcoming home

The expenditure on de-cluttering/organizing before marketing a home may well be recouped or surpassed in quicker sale/better price and in reducing cost of actual move by sorting and letting go of items that are no longer loved or used on the front end rather than the back.

Packing and Unpacking Services – Simplicity recommends…

Simplicity recommends the company “Moving Details” which  has been helping families pack and unpack in the Charlotte, North Carolina area since 1995. They are bonded, insured, and members of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont, Inc.

The Packing Service is equipped to pack fine art, the kitchen, or the entire house. They offer a turn-key job, including supplying all the boxes and packing materials. It may sound like a simple task, but they actually pack with an eye to unpacking!

The Unpacking Service is a wonderful time and stress saver. They place the unboxed items where you specify or use our best organizational judgment when requested. They even flatten the boxes and bag the wrapping paper for easy curbside pickup. They can be contacted directly at 704.643.2221 for a free estimate. You may visit their website at


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“Simplicity was a tremendous asset during our recent move. In fact, I don’t know how we could have done it
without them. They helped schedule and prepare for the move, then oversaw the entire process and set up our new house in an organized, efficient way that made sense and that I can maintain. Within three days we were in our new house, the boxes were unpacked and removed and artwork was on the walls. It was the biggest move I had ever done and thanks to Simplicity, it was also the best moving experience I have ever had. Their follow-up was also impressive. They stayed in touch and was available when a few final questions and needs popped up for us. I highly recommend Simplicity.”
~Katy Wroble

“Our family hired Simplicity to help us with two moves in a 12-month period.  Our experience was awesome!  With three young children, we were dreading the move(s).  We sold our home of ten years in a very quick time-frame.  We decided to move into a temporary house for an unknown period of time.  As step one, Simplicity helped us de-clutter our entire home from top to bottom in just two working days.  My husband and I were amazed.  The process was actually “fun” and empowering.  We were able to bless a number of friends with items and to donate other items to local charities.  Our children even got involved.  They picked toys and artwork supplies to donate.  The Simplicity team also helped us determine items for storage and items for the rental house.  They labeled everything and honestly, made the process clear, easy and manageable. We lived in temporary housing for almost 12 months.  Once we closed on a new house, Simplicity came back and transformed our permanent home.  Again in two working days, the Simplicity team helped us unpack boxes, separate items by room, and set up our new home in a way that is systematic and streamlined.  Simplicity offered wisdom, experience, advice and service.  The team was energetic, honest, hard-working and lovely to be around!  Not only did we make several new friends, but our family was able to transition smoothly during multiple moves.  They were even helpful with re-connecting our computer, printer and internet (yes, they got on the phone with ATT wireless and walked it through to completion!).  My husband and I agree that hiring Simplicity was best dollars we spent during our moves.  The pricing was fair and the service was outstanding.“ ~Esther Farnham