1)  Back to School Organizing Workshop (For Girls: 6th-8th grade)

Do you want to help your child start off the school year on the right foot? Our two-hour, interactive “Back to School Organizing Party” is a great way to inspire and equip your child with the organizational strategies necessary to manage his or her growing number of academic and extra- curricular responsibilities. This hands-on workshop utilizes games and activities to engage students in creating their own organizational plans.


Back to School Organizing Party


2)  How Did I Lose My Homework Again? Getting organized for the school year

(For both parents and children, ages 11+)

ADHD or no ADHD, organization doesn’t come naturally to everyone.  We are all wired differently.  But for children with ADHD, Asperger’s, or Learning Disabilities, organizing, prioritizing, and managing time can be very challenging.   Developing effective organizational skills is a key ingredient for success in school and in life for all children.  This new interactive organizing session will be packed full of tips and tricks for helping you and your child create customized organizational systems and structures for the school year.


3)  Where’s My Other Shoe?  Getting Organized at Home

(For both parents and children, ages 11+)

Tired of organizing for your child? This workshop will cover how to work with your children to develop and maintain customized organizational systems at home. Creating new routines, establishing chores, and hosting family meetings will also be covered.


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Family Meetings