Is your child

  • Anxious or frustrated?
  • Perpetually late and unprepared?
  • Stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Consistently losing or misplacing items?

We are here to help your child clear the clutter, chaos and anxiety from their daily schedule, their book bag, or their room and instill in them renewed confidence and tools for success. Let us empower your child.

Organizing for Children
 with Simplicity Kids

children organizeSimplicity Kids is a program designed to empower children to create order in their home and learning environments.  Though differentiated and customized systems, children acquire essential lifelong organizational and time management skills.

The goal of Simplicity Kids is to provide children with the tools and strategies needed to create useful and enduring systems that reduce anxiety, increase confidence, and generate success.

By working one-on-one with a Simplicity Coach, children will identify their strengths and weaknesses and preferred learning style through a variety of games and activities.

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Laurie Martin
Simplicity Kids Coach
Catie Eller
Simplicity Kids Coach

Let us empower your child.  Contact a Simplicity Kids Coach today.